пятница, 20 мая 2016 г.

A little project

Hello guys! I wanna show you my next little project.
The Tiger I from scratch. This tank the icon of the WWII like The T 34-85. Two great tanks!

Let see maybe I will make the T 34-85 after ;) This would be interesting. I think...
For now. I wanna show you some pictures of the Tiger I.

 - "The Hull - body"- HQ 3d model- it's not finished yet.
 - "Turret" - Something like HD, but I calling this just a little HD. Because this turret just for showin        and Made on fast hand.
 - "Gun"- have the same situation like a turret on fast hand.

In the left side a real tank, at the right exactly my 3d model.

What about next projects;

 - Now is Tiger I
 - Some funny model. IDK for now I have the trash idea it's the Flyin Toilet with Jet engine or Rotor engine :) Just for fun you know.
 - My be T 34-85 WWII
 - IDK will see. I let you know after.

I hope you'll be like it. Write some comments please what do you thunk :)