среда, 10 октября 2012 г.

OV 10 Bronco first test

OV-10 Bronco first test

Guys forgive me for what I have not finished this model. The fact that I have recently very little time training others is a very important business. But the end was nearing the end of the current estimate that the first test of the game. But the model has a couple of flaws but I correct them now :)

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  1. LOlol! I must be blind for second but I can see clearly you're sharpest aircraft modder I ever seen! Mistaken I thought these where radar/jammer pointers But these are 75mm machine guns which make this model the perfect [Modern Rustler]

    Please don't forget to add backseatped just for testing I also found out to fix the backseatped in any aircraft mod if you want this info I send a Pm Thanks for reading my message