пятница, 6 ноября 2015 г.

King Tiger II Project HQ

[NEW] Pz,kpfw VI B King Tiger II (H)

 - HQ 3D Model mede from scratch by me.
 - HQ Texture
 - The working tracks
 - The working wheels
 - The working turret
 - The working gun
 - Collision
 - Shadow
 - Physics

                                      To handling.cfg - the same file in the archive too.
                                                                        \/ \/ \/
RHINO 68000.0 680000.0 5.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 90 2.50 0.8 0.5 5 36.0 11.0 100.0 4 P 5.0 0.55 0 65.0 0.4 0.02 0.0 0.35 -0.10 0.5 0.0 0.22 0.09 110000 4024a028 01301147 0 1 24

P.S. I don't have a time for the same model for GTA V. If somebody wanna make a convert of this model to GTA V just let me know please. Send me a message about that to my E-mail.

E-mail : nicksta@mail.ru.


суббота, 24 октября 2015 г.

King Tiger II Project HQ info

Hello everyone that's the first test of The King Tiger II, We can calling V5 I think, but I wanna calling this model The King Tiger II Project HQ.
This model made by me from scratch. The King Tiger II have a great camouflage like on the Panther II in the War Thunder if you know. I love that camo and I think you're will love this too. This camouflage looks great in the desert and in the forrest too especially looks good with the ENB series.
I just made some screens from the game how this looks like and some real pictures and one picture of the camouflege of Panther II in the War Thunder.

Enjoy, Model will be soon :)

Camouflage is something like that

суббота, 10 октября 2015 г.

Back again and King Tiger 2

Hello everyone if you don't forget me :)

So I just wanna say something about future of this blog.
Situation for today is a very difficult for the modelling. I don't havening many time for this, but it doesn't mean, what I wanna finish the modelling and this blog, No. I love to make a models for GTA SA and probaply will to make some models for GTA V. Exactly when I will have a time for this. I will to do mods slowly because of, time ofcource you are understood that in the last sentences.

1- Mods for GTA V - I will to make a mods for V when will to know how to activate licence of Zmodeler 3. I really doesn't know HOW because I've tried to activate that with the instruction of this, but it doesn't work :( I'm soooooo f**** mad of this ( Butt hurth) BOOOOM.

2- Before when I will be start to make a mods for GTA V. I will make some mods for SA and the first mod will to be a new The King Tiger II German tank of WWII. Yeah ,I know I love German tanks of WWII. The next one will see.

All the next models and futuring models I will be make only from scratch. No converts.

First pictures of new KT

See ya soon guys ! :)

пятница, 13 марта 2015 г.

Gibson SGJ 2013

- HQ 3D model from scratch
- HD textures

I know somewhere you can see no smooth IDK why by it no mater that looks amazing.
This is model copy of my guitar.
I hope you'll be like it :)
write a coments.


воскресенье, 8 февраля 2015 г.

IS 3

[NEW] IS 3 - Iosif Stalin 3

 - HQ 3D Model from scratch
 - HD textures
 - HQ 3D tracks from scratch-old stile
 - Working Tracks
 - Working Wheels
 - Working Turret
 - Working Gun
 - Real physics (If you hold "SPACE" and press gas with left or right, you will turn in place)
 - Collision
 - Shadow


воскресенье, 4 января 2015 г.

A/fa 10 - ALPHA 10

Hi guys a model is ready on the 90%
Just a one problem with the wings. I wanna make a two possition of the wings. It looks perfect, but just in the vertical take off not in the horizontal. I see a problem because in the changing position like a 70 degrees it looks stuped. I have a 3 variants.

V1 - Make a different angle of the backwing.
V2 - Drop this like that.
V3 - Drop this project and to make a new one.


четверг, 1 января 2015 г.