суббота, 10 октября 2015 г.

Back again and King Tiger 2

Hello everyone if you don't forget me :)

So I just wanna say something about future of this blog.
Situation for today is a very difficult for the modelling. I don't havening many time for this, but it doesn't mean, what I wanna finish the modelling and this blog, No. I love to make a models for GTA SA and probaply will to make some models for GTA V. Exactly when I will have a time for this. I will to do mods slowly because of, time ofcource you are understood that in the last sentences.

1- Mods for GTA V - I will to make a mods for V when will to know how to activate licence of Zmodeler 3. I really doesn't know HOW because I've tried to activate that with the instruction of this, but it doesn't work :( I'm soooooo f**** mad of this ( Butt hurth) BOOOOM.

2- Before when I will be start to make a mods for GTA V. I will make some mods for SA and the first mod will to be a new The King Tiger II German tank of WWII. Yeah ,I know I love German tanks of WWII. The next one will see.

All the next models and futuring models I will be make only from scratch. No converts.

First pictures of new KT

See ya soon guys ! :)

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