среда, 12 декабря 2012 г.

Me 262 HG III

I'll post soon first in GTA SA Me 262 HG III

I make 2 versions

1V completed - 99%
2V completed - 80 :I need made 10% txd and 10% new tail .

Informations :
I'll fly in Canada in 23 december on 31 december with my hockey team .
so maybe this is my last two mods this year :(
That can now be carried out that something else will do and when I saved:)

I fly back in Moscow 31 december :P in 12:00 lol .
so it is quite possible.

Models photos and informations :
First model was end in 22 december 1944 year . First mission was made in 1945 year.

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