пятница, 17 июня 2016 г.

Tiger E updated

   I add;

- HQ 3D tracks on the turret and hull

  Probaply this one is latest update. I wanna do some camouflages for next and model will be compleated.

Eonjoy some pictures for now write a comments may be you wanna see more at the tank; may be some guns, hellmets, gasmasks, may be more tracks some where and etc. Let me know please. And yes, whrite where are you wanna see something turret, hull or gun. If I will see no comments, nothing gonna be change.

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    1. Nowhere for now because, model is not compleat yet. Model is in the prces right now.

  2. Ответы
    1. Yes, I did it. You can see it on the pictures in this post and oldest

  3. If you make another tank ca yu plz add a working Machine gun
    But for now focus on yur othe things

    1. I want to, but IDK how. I have to make a script for it. I can do thus for machinegun in the hull, I know how. But idk how to make this in the turret

  4. can you add the gas bomb or something like that on the turret like this image above the machine gun https://i.ytimg.com/vi/ikkzDibo4vQ/maxresdefault.jpg